The /emails folder contains all email templates and layouts made available to CreatorKit:

Which uses the #Script .NET Templating language to render Emails from Templates, where:

  • /layouts contains different kinds of email layouts
  • /partials contains all reusable Partials made available to your templates

The remaining *.html contains different type of emails you want to send, e.g. empty.html is a blank template you can use to send custom Markdown email content with the your preferred email layout.

Template Variables

All Branding Information referenced in the templates are maintained in the /vars folder:

At a minimum you'll want to replace all info.txt variables from ServiceStack's with your Organization's information:


Company           ServiceStack
CompanyOfficial   ServiceStack, Inc.
MailingAddress    470 Schooleys Mt Road #636, Hackettstown, NJ 07840-4096
MailPreferences   Mail Preferences
Unsubscribe       Unsubscribe
Contact           Contact
Privacy           Privacy policy
OurAddress        Our mailing address:
MailReason        You received this email because you are subscribed to ServiceStack news and announcements.
SignOffTeam       The ServiceStack Team
NewsletterFmt     ServiceStack Newsletter, {0}
SocialUrls        Website,Twitter,YouTube
SocialImages      website_24x24,twitter_24x24,youtube_24x24

Variables inside your email templates can be referenced using handlebars syntax, e.g:


The urls.txt contains all URLs embedded in emails that you'll want to replace with URLs on your website, with /mail-preferences and /signup-confirmed being integration pages covered in Integrations.


BaseUrl           {‎{BaseUrl}‎}
PublicBaseUrl     {‎{PublicBaseUrl}‎}
WebsiteBaseUrl    {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}
Website           {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}
MailPreferences   {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/mail-preferences
Unsubscribe       {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/mail-preferences
Privacy           {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/privacy
Contact           {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/#contact
SignupConfirmed   {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/signup-confirmed
  • BaseUrl - Base URL of your Website that uses CreatorKit
  • AppBaseUrl - Base URL of the current CreatorKit instance
  • PublicAppBaseUrl - Base URL of a public CreatorKit instance

The PublicAppBaseUrl is used to reference public images hosted on your deployed CreatorKit instance since most email clients wont render images hosted on https://localhost.


You're free to add to these existing collections or create new variable collections which are accessible from {‎{info.*}‎} and {‎{urls.*}‎} in your templates that's also available via dropdown in the Markdown Editor Variables dropdown:

In addition, a {‎{images.*}‎} variable collection is also populated from all images in the /img/mail folder, e.g:

That's prefixed with the {‎{PublicAppBaseUrl}‎} allowing them to be referenced directly in your *.html Email templates. e.g:

<img src="{‎{images.welcome_650x487.jpg}‎}">

Or from your Markdown Emails using Markdown Image syntax: