We recommend your website have pages for the following info.txt collection variables:

MailPreferences   {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/mail-preferences
Unsubscribe       {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/mail-preferences
Privacy           {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/privacy
Contact           {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/#contact
SignupConfirmed   {‎{WebsiteBaseUrl}‎}/signup-confirmed

You're also free to change the URLs in info.txt to reference existing pages on your website where they exist.

The info.SignupConfirmed URL is redirected to after a contact verifies their email address.


For reference here are example pages Razor SSG uses for this URLs:

Page Source Code
/signup-confirmed /_pages/
/mail-preferences /_pages/
/privacy /_pages/
/community-rules /_pages/